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Get good Inner Power by Open Cakhras


Address: Gg. BENTENG DIRI, Jl. Kelurahan Pabuaran Rt. 04/06, Pabuaran, Cibinong, Bogor, Indonesia (16916)
Telp. (62)-21- 8752546, HP(SMS): 0817 721 411

BENTENG DIRI is an effort to counter from the disturbing outside. By sport of breathing we can get good inner power and the power we can use for health, protection, etc.

BENTENG DIRI can open the power of our body (cakra) only about 5 – 10 minutes. The Cakras are very useful for us.
This is the part of the members LSPTD “BENTENG DIRI” who train about Inner Power by sport.
Somebody who attack using a strike will have his step stopped in front of one who has inner power. The strike will reach the unseen “wall”, even with a little rejecting move the offender will fall onto the ground.
Through a look-simple hand move, a man or woman causes an armed young man attacking her thrown into the air and fall on the ground painfully, and possibly with serious hurt. Or whenever a street boy likes to tip a girl, suddenly he fall backward, since the girl push her hands without even touching him. Next, a pick-pocket suddenly stand still, and drawn back to the wallet owner he stole.
Breathing exercises developed by many silat teaching center in Indonesia is proven to give much advantages. Beside being able to care our heart in a relatively short time, you can also utilize it as a very unique non physical self-defense.

What is actually inner power?
t is sad that inner power is a kind of God’s decision as well as willing. Meaning that it can only work over God’s willing and authority, in that if one is in proper position then God promises victory, safety, health and prosperousness. Though basically the inner power is originated from God’s Greatness, but principally every body owns inner power since he was born. Only that this inner power is still sleeping or latently hidden, and therefore needs to be waken up. The power stays around one’s tail-bone at three fourth a circle. If it’s already got up it will stream a power through thirty-three segments of backbone up to the head. From head, it goes down ahead solar plexus residing a bit below the belly which is the center of sympathetic nerves. For those owning inner power, there will be an invisible protecting shine which is always protecting him from danger or devil offense jeopardizing him, even without performing any move the inner power will automatically work. That’s the comment from one of a senior and professor on inner power in Indonesia.
Inner power is also known in various arts of self-defense coming from China and Japan as we have already known. Ki or Chi is the main capital to obtain a tremendous power residing in man’s body. Through breathing originated from chest and belly there will arise the inner power able to use for defensive, self-defense, recovery, fitness, and to strike hard material. The uniqueness of inner power in Indonesia, beside those already mentioned above, is its ability to throw the contender having bad purpose, without you had to touch him. And it can also be used to protect your belongings from somebody’s bad aim, and this may be done directly or performed from long distance. For you who are just know this art of self-defense, this may make you wonder but please browse the internet about inner power from Indonesia which is unique.
For the last ten years the exercise of inner power self defense grows fast. More and more applicants for this art of self defense, since they like to own advantage ability for self protection against offense by those who intends to hurt ourselves, without doing physical move, or without touching him.
Among the world of silat, or those people who have witnessed directly the exciting inner power demonstration, throwing away contender from a ten-meter distance is no longer a stranger case. Also ladies who are able to knock down offenders crowding her, without she has to make physical contact.
Inner power self defense is actually not looking for participant with a tough, strong or big body posture, nor it distinguishes genders or age of any body, except learning time span which is relatively short. This is among others, the advantages of inner power self defense known wider.
The public interest which keeps increasing is in fact understood, since until recently people fell less safe in the surrounding. Crime is increasing its frequency in various forms and motivations.
Basically inner power can be searched alone without other’s help. Every body has got it and the most important is exercise. But it’s true that it comes faster to master if there’s teacher guidance. The teacher has normally prepare his knowledge he obtained tens of years ago from various kinds of streams, to further systemized in order to be easier to be learned by the laymen. It’s also understood if each of the self-defense teaching centers has different opinions while they are seeking and searching for inner power resources.

Aside from the place the inner power is found, case of inner power until recently is still something mysterious. Therefore, people often consider this as something against kodrat (God’s willing) and allying with devil’s power, etc. However we, BENTENG DIRI Inner Power keeps trying to explain transparently what inner power is all about, so that the mysterious thing can be accepted by common sense. This inner power strength may not be used as you like to hurt others, so that your inner power will reduce its strength. Here we will exercise patience and fertilize positive things useful to improve our own inner power.
Therefore, any body who likes to learn inner power must be based upon positive thought and wish, and not to reflect negative perception against himself. We expect the development of art of inner power self defense can spread over the countries, and may be expected further to all mankind’s welfare.

As human beings, we’re motivated by our needs and deterred by our fears. We’re told to work hard, dream big dreams, and success will follow. But success demands more than working hard and dreaming big/ It requires a belief in yourself as human being. Winston Churchill once said , “ Things don’t happen to me. I happen to things! ”. Successful people are simply willing to pay the price and do the things that are necessary in order to achieve your dreams These necessary steps to success can be taken without hurting other people in the process and without compromising one’s belief and convictions.

Why can we get Good Inner Power ?
We can get Inner Power because, we have been opened our Cakhras, so we can pull a lot of anergies (Prana) from nature. It is safety and easy.

What is Cakhras ?
Cakhras are powers from our body that can be opened by The Trainer (Mr. SUNARDI)

How long can be opened our Cakhras by Mr SUNARDI ?
It is very short time. It's about 5 - 10 minutes. Just you sit in your house, your office, on your chair.

How to Open Our cakhras ?
Mr. SUNARDI will open your Cakhras from far away. You need sit and consentration only.
After be opened, you can feel on your front hands, like warm, cool, pull to pull or may be push to push. It is your energy in your body that has been waken.
It is very important for our healthy, protection etc.
If you are sick, you only open your hand and you can pull/take energies from nature.

How to transfer your money ?
You can transfer your money by Western Union to my Address. (After you have transfered your money, please contact me by SMS) and I will open your Cakhras after 48 hours soon.

Address : Gg. BENTENG DIRI, Jl. Kelurahan Pabuaran, Rt. 04/06 Kelurahan Pabuaran, Cibinong, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. 16916.

We serve the people who wants to learn Breathing Sport. If you are in short distance from us, you can come to my base, but if you are far away you can learn by our CD. This CD is about the methods how to do the Breathing Sport. They are easy and clear methods.
If you want to learn by CD, you can ORDER to us.

There are 7 Levels that can be followed :
1. Level 1 (Basic 1) :
Sylabus :
a). To feel our Cakhras, our energies.
b). To detect the energies (Pranas) that transfer in the thing in short distance by our hand Cakrhas.
c). Transfer power/pranas to the things in short distance by our hand.
d). Basic Meditation.
There are some functions of Meditation, for example : for stabiling our emotion, to get more pranas from nature, to get more good feel.

2. Level 2 (Basic 2):
1. Good using Cakras.
2. To detect the power of long distance by hand cakra arroud us.
3. Fill/Transfer power to the thing in long distance by hand cakra arround us.
4. To force the thing in long distance arround us.
5. Meditation in Level 2 :
a. Preparation of meditation.
b. main Meditation.
c. Ending of Meditation.

3. Level 3 (Basic 3) :
To detect energy line by our some cakras.
2. Transfer power to make energy line.
3. Put the energy in line.
4. To detect power in long distance out of arround us.
5. Transfer power in long distance out of arround us:
a. by hand cakra.
b. by forcing that power.
6. To pull the power in long distance.
7. Kinds of Meditation:
a. Meditation to get silent.
b. Meditation for healthy.
c. Imagination Meditation

4. Level 4 (Advence 1) :
To train Ajna Cakra for detecting and transfering power.
2. To detect and theraphy our body.
3. The Methode to detect and teraphying simple sickness, like cought, headache.

5. Level 5 (Advence 2) :
Teraphy for Medium Sickess.
a. Maag
b. Vertigo.
c. Migrane.

6. Level 6 (Advence 3) :
1. Teraphy for Hard Cikcness.
a. Sick of Hearth.
b. Sick of Lungs
c. Cancer

7. Level 7 ( Color Pranas):
1. To train about color of Pranas.
2. Theraphy by Color Pranas. It is to teraphy for getting healthy fast.

How to order Those Sylabuses :
You can order these sylabuses by Level to Level. And Please give me your Email Address, I will send those Lesson Material to your Email.
You can transfer your money by Western Union to my Address. (After you have transfered your money, please contact me by SMS) and I will send them after 48 hours soon.

LSPM "BENTENG DIRI" help everybody who wants to get health by Pranas Therapy.
We can therapy not only short but also long distance. It is depend on the distance of the patients.

If you want to know more about Inner Power, Cakhras, Pranas, and LSPM "BENTENG DIRI" you can contact us in : (You can be opened your Cakhras too).
or :
Phone : (62)-21- 875 25 46, HP (SMS): 0817 721 411

or you can visit :

Thank you very much for your Visiting.
I hope you can Join Us to get Good Inner Power from Nature.

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